Saturday, December 10, 2016

 My mission in life is to inspire. To help other open their eyes to a new way of thinking. I knew I would never be the type of person who would want a normal 9-5 job. It was never in my mind. Through writing, I found out that I love telling stories and sharing ideas with others. When I learned that I wouldn't always have to talk; I knew it was something I would love forever. 
   Although I am not very verbal, I never my mind was way louder than I could ever be. I want to be remember for my passion and my heart. I want my friends and family to think of me and smile. I want them to remember that I love them and I would do anything for my family and friends. I want them to remember that each of my stories have hidden piece of myself inside of them. They are a piece and I was afraid to be myself. I accepted everything about myself as well as the fact that I could change myself nor another to fit because I did not want to fit in the mold that society created for me.
  I redefined the thought of a typical Hispanic and African American women. I broke the mold and let the stereotypes hold me back from living out my dream and loving myself as well as others. I wasn't afraid to be different and either should they. To be yourself is the greatest achievement that anyone can reach and that is one of life's biggest challenges. You should be yourself no matter what.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

gratitude II

    When you are little, you always dream about what your early adulthood jobs would be like. Unfortunately nothing is ever exact the way you may plan. A week ago, at my job we had a big move for black Friday. The move included moving all the sale items from the stock room to the designated area in which our store manager wanted it to be placed. At first, I thought this project was going to be extremely hard because our elevators were not working and my store has four floors so the thought of bring up and down racks of products seemed to be impossible.
    By when we actually start to put the move into action it was way easier than I thought. By having a great team of staff to be able to move items from each floor it made the move that was originally thought to take over 7 hours to complete down to 4 in half hours to get done. I definitely that working as a team makes it easier for things to be done. Also that although things may appear to be extremely difficult it is actually the quiet opposite once you truly give it a try.
  Also I am truly grateful for the co-workers that I have because honestly I don't think we would have been able to truly complete the task without them. Also that working together and having great people around will truly help get things done as well as help you out when you truly need it and I will forever be grateful for all the people that I have in my life that will truly help me out no matter what.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

mini stories

Story 1: 
    Surprisingly life has been going well. I never thought I could be living out my dreams. I smiled to myself as I see my twin boys playing on the rug in front of my desk. " Mommy, what are you doing?" I break my focus and see my three year old son,Micah staring back at me with his red train in his hand . " Just admiring my two little curly fries" Mateo, his twin brother rolls his eyes and Micah giggle as I come join them on the rug. Mateo leans his head on my shoulder as they start to show me how to play with their train track. This is what I always wanted; being able to share moments with the one that I love. Although I finally was brave enough to fully put myself out there in the writing world. These two curly headed boys was what I am truly grateful for. " Mommy, you can have the blue train." "Thank you Micah." I said as I took the train from him and start playing. I keep smiling as I watch their faces light up with joy as I hear my husband voice fill the air as he appears in the doorway. " Oh this is where my family ran off to you." The boys giggle as they run up to him. I smile to myself once more this is truly my dream come true.
Story 2: 
    Life always have twist and turns trust and believe me, I never thought this would be happening ,but unfortunately it is. I stare at the window as my husband pulls up to a familiar house. " Remember what I said.." " I know, I'm not stupid." I answer back as I rolled my eyes. " Don't be like that." " Be like what, opinionated." I stare at him. He doesn't say a word as I unlock the door and get out. I never thought I would be in this situation. But then again you never truly know what life will throw at you. I signed as I enter my mother's house. " Hello" I say as I hear faint music coming from the living room as I see my mother siting down with the siblings and their love ones. I greet them as I sit in the door on the couch with my nephews and nieces. They're all smiling and laughing as my husband comes in to join us. We make eye contact as he greets my brother.  I watch as my husband and my family interact with one and another. Only if they only knew what was really going on they would truly understand how I am feeling right. Nowadays I feel like I am living with a complete stranger. Although I know we love each other, his reaction to the news I told him was completely has me confused on how to feel about him anymore. " So, how are you guys." My sister asks as she sit beside. " Were fine." " Nothing new?" She looks down and point at my stomach.I fold my arms as she whisper to me. " Omg you're." " Shh Kat." " Have you told mommy?" I nod. " Then why didn't tell me." " It's nothing too big Kat." " Too big youre having a baby that's beyond huge." She yells as everyone else lands on me. " Your'e pregnant, omg congrats Ty" I stare at my family then my husband as I get up and leave the room. I hear them whisper what wrong as I go into the bathroom. I sit on the floor as I hear a faint knock on the door. " Tyra.." my husband  says as he opens the door. He closes the door softly as he joins me on the floor. " I know you mad at me..but " "But.. what? Am I suppose be happy that my husband didn't say a word when I broke the news that I was pregnant." He leaned into grab my hand as I pulled away. " No." " I'm sorry the way I acted was stupid and I love you more than anything. You and this baby is the best thing that I have." He touched my hand as he pulled me into a hug. " Don't ever forget that, I love you and our baby." We sat their on the floor for a while, this what truly matter.  Not the money or some type of materialistic item. What matter was how much we loved each other and nothing else could matter more.

Story 3: 
  Life is crazy and I never thought that life would turn out the way it did. No I didn't become a writer, I actually became something even bigger. I started my youtube channel a few years back and never post anything for years until that one video. I never thought my life would changes so quickly. Thanks to that one video it changed my life. I fell in love with creativity years ago and being able to share my love with the world is beyond amazing. I never thought my life would turn out like this. Although writing has been put on the backburner, it is still something I love. I smile to myself as I hear my husband voice as I feel his arm wrap itself around my waist. " What is my wife making now?" He chuckles as a little as he kisses the side of my head. " I'm just fooling around." I smile as I turn around and face him. " Where's the boys?" " Sleeping, something my pregnant wife should be doing also." He smiles as he places his hand on my stomach. " I'm not tired." He chuckles again as I fake pout as he grabs my hand leads me towards our bedroom. Although my life is nothing how I planned, I still ultimately got what I wanted. Family is what truly matter to me and I am grateful that I was finally able to have my own family and to be with the ones I love. I smiled to myself one last time as I lay down on my bed with my husband. This all I ever wanted and more. Just simply by being happy.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

my passion.

       The thing I am most passionate about in life is writing. Writing is a way for me to express myself. I am not a verbal person so I rather express myself through words. I love the idea of being able to connect with someone through writing and also to not only entertain them with my imagination. Writing is what makes me truly happy and being a writer is the only career I can see myself having.
    Writing is my passion and it is something that truly enjoy. I decide to become a writer back in eight grade, it has been my only plan for the rest of my life ever since then. I can not imagine myself in other career. It is the only career I want and know that I will truly enjoy having. When I thought about what I wanted to be when I was younger; I knew I wanted to find a passion that I truly enjoyed and transform that in a career where I would love my job in the end.
    To a writer, there is not really amount of schooling that you have to have to be able to be a storyteller. A lot of famous authors had little schooling ,but when it came to my future I knew I wanted to be a master at my craft and to learn new ideas and structures that will help as I continue with my storytelling. The only field of writing, I can see myself truly enjoying is being an author. I have a huge imagination and I can not imagine myself chasing down a story for the latest magazine or news broadcast. Although I do admire journalism and the amount of effort one must put in to have a solid story or cover; I can not imagine myself working in that field. My writing is more based off my emotion and have hidden meaning within the pages. Also the idea of being to connect with someone's heart and mind is something else that also drives me to tell stories. Also that when writing stories, you can leave a piece of yourself in the story even if the main idea of the story is fiction. You can truly connect with the reader and take them on a new adventure that will help them reincarnate the child within them that they thought died so long ago. Writing is being a creator; being able to connect with every part of one's mind and truly express themselves through the art of writing. When I write it is a way of me to be completely myself; to have not be afraid and to be simply to think outside the box because sometimes the things that seem the most impossible are actually possible when you truly believe.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


  Sometimes we are so blessed that we tend to start to forget how luck we are. Although these things seem so simply; they' are the same things that so many other people that do not have. A few things that I tend to take for granted is the fact that I barely have to pay bills, sometimes I forget how hard my mother works and how lucky I am that I do not have a parent who insist that her older children have to pay rent or pay for the electric bill or something else of that nature. Although I do give her money when needed, she never asks me or my siblings for nothing and that is something my siblings and I should be truly grateful for but I know we all tend to forget.
   I am truly grateful for my family, we are all very close and that is what my mother always wanted. I know that no matter may happen in life they will be there for me and help me out if I need them. One person in particular that I am grateful for is my nephew Jayden; He is truly my inspiration and he is my little reminder that dreams do in fact come true. Also he thinks I am like the coolest person on the planet and that also kind of cool that he thinks that.
  Also things that I can absorb more is living in the moment. I think since technology has grown and became so highly use by basically everyone. Nowadays we do not really know how to live without wanting to record it all and share it with the world. Technology has became a part of our everyday lives and we barely know how to function without tweeting, snapping, facebooking,and  instantgraming our lives.By living in the moment more I would have a better appreciate of the world and what is truly important. I think if we do that more we would enjoy what matters and will make memories that we would remember for a lifetime. Although being able to capture memories is amazing, we should also enjoy living in the moment in which they are happening.

Friday, October 14, 2016

a week of stress.

This week has been so stressful and I don't understand why. I actually had a schedule for this week surprisingly, I was going to work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday even though I am only normally schedule for short shifts during the week ,but for some reason I decided to be darning and boy was I wrong for doing so. Last Sunday I did the unthinkable well for me at least. I worked a ten hour shift, 7:30 am-7:30 pm. The shift actually went by very fast and I actually had fun at work on my shift ,but when I decided to continues the rest of my week doing the same thing I was completely wrong.

 I shouldn't have not decide to do the same thing, my whole body is hating me right now although I was able to get all my work done and I know that my next pay check will be more than worth it ,but still my body is definitely telling me that next time when I decide to do crazy shifts I have to think about the affect it may have on my body. Also this week made me truly miss being a kid and only having to worry about homework and not having to worry about having a job.

   I truly miss that. That was definitely amazing just being able to sleep in on weeks and not being an adult, but then again nothing last forever and sometimes we all just need a goodnight's rest as well as being able to relax. But then again no one said growing up was a smooth ride.